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Inspired by illustrious reformers like Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Keshav karve, Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar, I stepped into help widows and divorced women claim their rightful places in the society. Parihaar Foundation was founded twenty five years ago on the principle of bringing succor to widowed and divorced women through social transformation, education and counselling. It is the aim to re-establish their dignity and self-respect. Through the many services we provide, we seek to create a holistic approach to widows’ social transformation and re integration into society. In keeping with the sweeping changes that are observed in other area of social upliftment, it is my earnest endeavour to remove the crippling stigma that has brought the lives of these hapless women into a half for no fault of their own.


My action statements are a) securing the interests, future and livelihood of widowed and divorced women. B) sowing seeds of social statue for widowed and divorced women today, to reap social reformations tomorrow. 


We have adopted a remote tribal village at Odisha promoting nutrition and self-reliant programs for needy widowed women and orphan children. Basically I am theatre person, actor, director and film maker. Produced and directed few films with social message.


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